Right about now I’m about to break up with garment sewing and get an unlisted phone number. This is, I think, the third piece of clothing I attempted to sew that ended in disaster.

It’s Simplicity 2977 and there are many problems with it the least of which being it’s hugeness.  Did you know that size charts on pattern envelopes totally lie?  I didn’t until I read this and now I have to add measuring all the pattern pieces to the tedious list of things that I have to do before I even begin to sew.

It’s probably just as well that this didn’t work because the print is busy and the jersey is pretty lightweight and probably would have shown every bump and underwear line.

I’m at the point with knitting where I feel pretty competent but I feel like I’ll never get to that point with sewing. There are just so many variables.  With spring apparently arriving some day I’ve been daydreaming about sewing a closetful of blouses, dresses and skirts for Kate and I but I may just quit while I’m behind and hit up Joe next time I’m in town.