I actually sprang back well from my little sewing meltdown last week. I think you’re all right and I do need to shelve the knit fabrics for a while.

I motivated myself to get back in the game by ordering several patterns from Citronille for Kate’s summer wardrobe. I had been coveting them for months but balked at the shipping cost. I can’t wait to get them.

I’ve also recommitted myself to study how to sew properly. I think learning how to sew at twelve really hampered me in terms of committing time to proper fit and finishes. I’ve been really inspired by Gertie’s blog and her enviable ability to fit dresses to her shape. I’ve ordered this book on fit that she recommended. While I wait for that to come and for an upcoming fabric shopping trip I went ahead and made a muslin using one of our old sheets for Kwik Sew 3682.

It's probably for the best that I need a remote for my camera so I can take in-focus self-timer shots because I am giving the camera some major 'tude.


Before I focus on the fit I noticed some major process issues that I really need to address.  I have a lot of trouble with properly marking my pattern pieces. I often leave markings off entirely and I also need to start marking the centres and even which piece is which. This would solve me a whole lot of grief.  I should also be more diligent about tracing patterns before cutting into the original in case I need to size down entirely or if I need the other sizes in the future. I sometimes do this but didn’t here.

In terms of fit I’m actually fairly pleased. I think the length is good and while the bodice isn’t entirely flattering the finished garment will have a v-neck which will be much more kind.  I pinched the waist in and it looked much better but I couldn’t pin the seams in on myself. Maybe I need to make a dress form.  I’m wondering if I need to lower the bodice a bit above the waist inset so that my boobs don’t look so droopy, even if they are after ten months of breastfeeding.

It just now occurred to me that I should probably get some photos of it from other angles so I can better see potential issues.

I’m also wondering if I don’t mind this sheet fabric for the final piece. I did love those fancy Mexx sheets. It’s hard to see here but it has a little geometric pattern of white dots. Thoughts?