Chris and I decided a few months ago that we need to accept that we’ll be renting for the next few years and moving around a bit for his work but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t commit to spiffing our accommodations.  The first room to tackle will be the living room because we spend the most time there and it really needs some work.  Here it is today in it’s “before” state, although, full disclosure, here our roman blinds have already been removed and a curtain rod installed for the curtains I finished this afternoon.

This room gets a lot of light and I love that.  I find the fact that this area is so open concept a bit challenging.  It’s nice to be able to talk to each other when one of us is cooking but if you’re lazy with tidying the kitchen you have to stare at the mess while you watch Teen Mom 2. The couch is a disaster. A replacement plus a new love seat is on the way.  We have one huge, white wall and I’m still not sure what to do with it. I love an ottoman and it’s nice that Kate can’t crack her head open on it but I think a coffee table will be more practical.  Our side tables are cheap Ikea pieces of crap that were meant to be a temporary solution but we all know how that ends up.

I think I’ll document the overhaul as we work on it.  It will be slow going but I’d love any suggestions you can offer!