A few years ago my friend Natacha made curtains for her living room and I was super impressed. She brushed off my awe and said “curtains are easy.”  Tell this to a swearing heap of me when I tried making blackout-lined curtains for Kate’s room.  Total gong show.  I decided not to let that misadventure dissuade me from giving it another go in the living room. Except, I ordered way too little fabric and ended up with an amateur hour drape that didn’t cover the whole window.  Kind of misses the point, no?  So, I bought some heavier fabric in a co-ordinating color from Mitchells and now we’re set.

It’s hard to tell from the light of this grey day but they really add a lot of warmth to the room.  I only wish it had even occurred to me to line up the print.

I really like the curtain rod from Umbra.  Word to the wise, their shipping is ridiculously slow.

Chris also moved the armchair (a Kijiji score, not sure if I mentioned it before) and I really like how it divides the room and creates an ideal angle for eye contact.  We had an actual conversation after he moved it! Imagine!  He also contributed the cardboard playhouse from Kate’s new car seat box. It’s a marvel.


I somehow totally forgot to mention that I’ve worked on the last two issues of Twist. Check it – there’s my name at the bottom!  It’s, as always, a great issue and Kate really works her butt off to put it out.

Happy weekend (unless you work weekends, in which case, my condolences)!