My Kwik Sew dress is finally finished!

I think it’s quite an improvement from the muslin.  I’m so happy that I decided to just cut the smaller size.  I was really scared that it wouldn’t fit at all but it does and it’s so much more flattering now! I also lowered the vertical darts a little bit so they didn’t land way above my apex (that’s a polite sewerly way of saying nipples).

It turns out that when I made the muslin I had accidentally cut the neckline for the wrong view.  It’s too bad because my only complaint about the fit of this is that the neckline is pretty gapey but I didn’t realize it until it was done.  My only other issue is with the zipper.  I hate zippers.  Luckily the hack job isn’t too noticeable when it’s zipped up and I will probably wear a cardigan with this anyway.

I’ve added an invisible zipper foot to my sewing wish list along with a dress form, tailor’s ham and sleeve roll, both of which are proving very hard to find.

I’m really pleased with myself for taking my time and trying to learn as much as I could. This took me over a month rather than my usual sweaty stress-filled weekend pace. I pressed the bejesus out of this both as I was going and afterward, and it could still probably use more smoothing.  Here’s a great post about how to properly press your seams.  Unfortunately, I only saw this yesterday and didn’t realize that you were supposed to press the stitches flat too but I did do all the other steps for each seam.

I wish I had taken a little more time when I was cutting my pieces out to line my pattern up and make sure they were cut on the grainline but I though this was just going to be a muslin so I didn’t fuss with that much although I should have for the practice.

I think part of the reason that my garment sewing has suffered a bit is that I tend to sew mostly in the summer only and I don’t focus on just sewing garments. If I did I think it would come more naturally to me and I would start to get in the flow of construction a little more easily.  There are just so many more thing to make though!

I forget sometimes how comfortable dresses are. I just wish I didn’t feel like a freak going out in one, especially where I live. I honestly find this more comfortable than jeans and a hoodie.  There’s no waistband digging in to my mom tummy, no fabric cinching my hips and no hood pulling the neck back and choking me. Maybe I’ll try to grow a pair and wear whatever I want more often.

A surprising source of guidance to me was this book that I checked out of our dinky library. I know Melina bought it a few years ago and loved it but it looked a little to “rad” for me.  That should teach me not to judge a book my it’s cover, literally.  It has some really great basic info in here as well as patterns.  Too many of the sewing books I own fly through the sewing info and jump straight into the funky patterns.  This will be my new recommendation to beginning sewers.

So, in conclusion, up with dresses! Rock out with your frock…out. I don’t know.