Wanting to make a little toy for Melina’s new baby Henry I made the sage choice of turning to Wee Wonderfuls for ideas only to abandon it when I couldn’t find the fabric I had in mind for the project I had chosen. That was a mistake because this Menswear Bunny pattern from Martha was kind of a crock. Do not attempt if you aren’t familiar with toy making and if you like to have fun.

I decided to be all eco chic and use a dress shirt of Chris’s from the donation box so I thought it would be a nice idea to make one for Kate at the same time only to remember after I had cut all the pieces that she already had one.

The bunny on the left is my work and the more rotund bunny on the right was made for Kate by Erin.  I see it every single day and still failed to associate it with the project I was working on.  Doi.

All’s well that ends well, I guess, because Henry seems to appreciate his new buddy and the tag blanket I made for him months ago.  I also made another for Kate at the same time and she didn’t get the point of it at four months but now she loves it.  It makes a hilarious hat.

This week I was hit with a cold that made me soooo tired. It’s my first time being sick since Kate was born and she was a great sport while I sat on the couch and watched daytime tv for days in a row. I’m just glad that we haven’t had to deal with any illness on her part aside from a few injuries and teething crap.

Me being a big sick baby coincided nicely with Kate deciding to walk as her exclusive mode of transportation. It’s pretty funny watching her stumble around like a drunken gnome, and terrifying to see how much faster she can get into trouble.

Her first birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks (can you freaking believe it?) and I’m doing lots of party planning in my head. Whether I’ll actually move away from the couch to make a birthday banner, cake, pasta salad, dips, decorations, fruit tray, and commemorative book remains to be seen.