I’m working on one of the new Lisette patterns, Simplicity 2246, view A and I’m trying to be thoughtful about it.  I did a tissue fitting and I made a muslin.  Here’s a quick photo snapped in the mirror:

Aside from my tried and true old sheet plus mismatched scrap piece that makes it looks like a waitress’s uniform (I kind of wish waitress’s still wore uniforms) I think it has potential. I already did a full bust adjustment but I still need to move the bust dart down a good few inches.  I also forgot how unflattering this kind of shirt collar is on me.  I think I’m going to try going for more of a v-neck but then that would involve shortening the collar and maybe doing something to the back piece as well; because I would be hacking fabric from the front piece so then it wouldn’t meet the back piece at the shoulders but if i just removed the equivalent amount from the back piece that would lower the back neck and that would be weird. Make sense?  Research is required.