Do you ever do something and the process is so frustrating that you find it hard to enjoy the results? I’m glad I gave this dress a time out for a few days or it would have ended up as the wardrobe equivalent of the vacation that is overshadowed by the douchebag who was drunk for the entire twenty-hour flight.

Fact: I am not this pale. It was starting to rain and the grey sky was reflecting off my face. Swear.

I’m happy now with the fit (especially when I stand up straight and wear a better bra – sheesh) but getting there was a headache. Changing the neckline and doing the full bust adjustment meant redrafting the collar and placket pieces which may not have been such a big deal for the competent but it took me three tries each to get there.  I would measure, check and measure again, cut the whole thing out, fuse with interfacing, only to end up with a still too short piece. Me + math = huh? The collar is still too short but I gathered the back neck edge a bit and I don’t think you can really tell.  I also serged the sleeve seam to the sleeve body and had to cut a new piece. Instance #342048 of me swearing off sewing forever.

When everything was together except the buttons I slipped it on and was instantly worried that it smacked of Soviet factory worker but I think the buttons and the shoes help.  The metallic thread that’s visible from close up also downplays the eau d’sadness.

In the end it was a good thing that I always forget to buy notions with my fabric (in this case at Mitchells) because my trip to the city to buy buttons meant that I was nearby mere hours after Adam and Michelle of baby shower fame welcomed their daughter Sydney! I’ll let them share the photos and details but I’m so excited for them and it was super fun to cuddle a newborn again.