Our new couches arrived two weeks ago and it’s taken this long for me to shove the toys aside and snap a photo. How do people with more than one kid get anything done?

Still forgot to move the clashing nursing pillow


When they first came I had to stand back and think a little on them.  We hadn’t actually seen them in the show room (here’s what they look like in the catalogue in a different colour) so seeing them in person was a bit of a shock.  They’re a lot taller than our old Ektorp and the high arm rests makes them look even bigger.  There’s also the fact that we didn’t have a love seat before and our living room is tiny.

Choosing these was a bit of a taste compromise for us.  Count yourself lucky if you have one of those partners who could not care less what your living space looks like.  Chris is a big mid-century modern fan while I lean toward softer styles and these ended up being a bit more masculine than I had imagined.  I think things will come together better when we get an ottoman or coffee table that actually goes with them and when we get a rug that punches the colour up in this room, which is veering very close to tan and beige territory.  I’m also planning on making a few throw cushions that tie the blues from the curtains in a bit.

I think they’re growing on me and they’re definitely comfy.  I wish we’d had them when I was pregnant so that I could get have gotten off of the couch unassisted.  Although in that case they’d be covered in regurgitated milk by now.