Of all the garments I’ve made over the years I think the one I actually get the most wear out of is this self drafted tiered skirt from thrifted fabric that I made three years ago. It’s not the most stylish or flattering piece of clothing I own and it’s starting to fall apart a bit but it is comfy and light, perfect for sticky summer days when you spend all your time at home.  In keeping with the super comfortable, but not the most flattering vein comes this paper bag waisted skirt.

It was super duper windy, as it often is here on the prairies with nothing to block the gales. Most of the photos made it look like I was wearing culottes with a long crotch seam.

I love, love, love this fabric.  It’s a cotton / linen blend chambray with a bit of stretch that I picked up at Mitchell’s last week.  I think the pockets will also be appreciated for walks with Kate so I can bring my phone with me and store some of her special rocks.

This project was a nice change of pace in that I didn’t do a muslin or make any major fitting changes.  The only thing I did differently was to blind stitch the hem by hand because I thought it would look a little neater.  I probably could have handled making the large instead of the extra-large but the roominess is nice too.

I had some trouble fitting the waist band to the skirt body and thought initially that the pieces were horribly drafted but I think I had improperly folded the pocket which caused the body piece to be much larger.  I also had a heck of a time stitching in the ditch to catch the waist band facing but that’s completely user error.  One issue that I think was present in the pattern is there are no instructions to stitch the opening for the elastic closed.  I stitched it up by hand.

I realized when I was almost done that I don’t own any shirts that look great tucked in, probably because I haven’t tucked in a shirt since I was forced to at a Catholic high school in grade nine.  Most of the time I’ll probably wear the skirt hiked down a bit and with my shirt slovenly cascading over the ruffled waist band, anyway, like this:

Up next I’m either going to be a nice mom and make Kate this adorbs beach robe or be selfish and make myself a jersey maxi dress.  Only time, the supply of beach towels at the grocery store and my fickle whims will tell.