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I couldn’t leave that organic cotton jersey to sit in the closet so I flipped through my pattern stash and landed on McCall’s 6031.  It was tough making something from scraps and not all of my pieces are on grain but it was satisfying not tossing all that fabric away.

I know I’ll wear this a lot.  Somehow my t-shirt supply has dwindled this year so a comfy separate was much needed.

I added two and a half inches of length to the bodice and could probably have lived with a half an inch more. I also ended up taking in about an inch and a half from the underarm seam to fix some gapage there.  It was a pain in the ass since the bodice is lined (with a mismatched fabric) but it fits really well now.

I somehow assembled the entire top without realizing that it was actually a tunic.  I though about keeping it that way but it wouldn’t have jived with three out of my four summer bottoms so I hacked five inches off the bottom.

This is a real contender to be made again. Next time I might make the cowl a little wider.

Also! New, quite possibly lame, craft obsession:

Friendship bracelets!


It’s a ‘take a blurry iPhone photo in the dirty mirror’ kind of week (PMS + teething + husband on a 7 day work stretch = fuuuuuckkk!) but I wanted to eulogize this dress before I through it in the closet for a while.

This is McCall’s 6072 and my determination is that it would work a whole lot better for those with the power to go braless. I kept tweaking but every bra I own, even the non-nursing ones, were determined to pop out in the back and a little where the strap meets the bodice too.

The style looks halfway decent here but I think in actuality it looks like a prom dress mated with a nightgown. I was thinking of detaching the bodice and making a simpler one with more coverage but I’m afraid that the colour of the jersey is a little too reminiscent of a BUM Equipment sweatpant. Which is sad, really, because it’s a nice soft organic cotton from Plum Project Studio that I’ve been saving for a year for the right project.

So, right now it’s going into timeout and I have to decide what to do next.  We finally stopped torturing Kate with making her sleep in her Grobag in this heat for fear that her new ability to stand would put an end to her sleeping well so I could make a crib quilt but I’m lacking in materials and inspiration for that.

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