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Friday was Chris’s 29th birthday (get ready for a long series of birthday posts – everyone I know was born in August or September). He had hoped to go for a hike and picnic at a local forestry centre so we braved the chilly, grey weather.  I’m glad we did because we had the place to ourselves and had a lovely time.

Chris insisted on stopping at all the markers and reading aloud what they signified.  That got old real fast but it was his special day.



I would be hard pressed to say which of my boys had a better time.

Chris really liked the E-ticket Holder from the newest Stitch Magazine so I gave it a go. Twice, actually, because my first one looked like I made it with my toes.  The second was a marginal improvement.

He also decided he wanted a peanut butter cake and I immediately thought of this one.  He LOVED it.  It is pretty damned good.  I’m afraid all of our cake photos turned out blurry but just look at Deb’s and tell me you don’t want it now.

There are lots more photos of Bowie exploding with happiness over on my Flickr page.  Happy Monday!

  • This weekend Chris did some crazy landscaping in our ugly front yard while I complained about hang nails and ruining my complexion.  It’s still a work in progress but he did finish an anal retentive fire pit!   I am struggling with wanting to roast marshmallows but not wanting to eat gelatin.  We’ll see who wins.

    Bowie is not impressed by fire.

  • There was also a sad little fair here this weekend that we spent a good five minutes at.

    We both agreed that if it took a carnie twenty minutes to install a ferris wheel we would not be riding it.

  • I made butter! It was insanely easy.  The instruction I used were from Bust a couple months back but there are plenty of websites and blogs that give you directions.
  • Right after I won Sew What Bags I won a Splityarn bag from Caro!

    I really should have bought a lottery ticket that week.

  • Pioneer is still benched so I started another pair of socks with Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino Dream in Blue Vesuvius.

    They are the Show-off Stranded socks and they're even prettier in real life.

  • I leave for my trip in one week today!  As it turns out I will be spending three days in Whistler with my sister-in-law and only one night in Portland.  I’m a little bummed about Portland but really there are worse things in life.
  • Neko Case is playing the Winnipeg Folk Festival and I would love to go but it’s three days after I arrive home and I predict all of my pocket money will have already been spent on fabric and gourmet pizza.

It has been snowing and blustery for three days now and it’s getting pretty hairy out there.  I brought Bowie to the vet this morning to ensure there will be no little Bowie’s running around and we got stuck in a huge snow drift.  I had to call Chris to pull me out with a winch.  Then, when I got home about an hour and half later our street had disappeared under two feet of snow.  I had to park at an office nearby.  Isn’t it supposed to be Spring?

I had to pick Bowie up this afternoon because he was not happy at the vet and now he’s sitting all glassy eyed in my lap.

My special little guy pre-op

My special little guy pre-op

All this storming has forced me to stay inside knitting and sewing.  Poor me.  The quilt top is finished but I have to wait until I can get into the city to pick up some batting.  But my Crosswalkers are done!

Not going any further than my doorway

Not going any further than my doorway

Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight in Purple Rain and a tiny bit of Arequipa

Pattern: Crosswalkers by Emily B. Miller

Needle: 2.25 DPNs

Note the ruts from me having to push my front door open

Note the ruts from me having to push my front door open

These might end up being my favourite socks ever but please be aware that they gobble up yarn.  I’m usually left with about a quarter skein of yarn when I finish a pair but I actually ran out about five rows from the end of the second toe on these and had to use a little Arequipa from Erin’s Jaywalkers.  They are so sturdy, though, and the colour is even more amazing in real life.

If you wish to read more about me being buried under a depressing amount of snow or the pulse-quickening dread of running out of yarn, I joined Twitter out of sheer boredom and I am now completely obsessed with informing people of my hourly goings-on.  My username is Whistlepea.

Bowie is literally falling asleep standing up  so I should go attend to my little space cadet. Or maybe video tape him because it’s pretty damn funny. Good day!

I have a sewing room now but no table to set my machine on.  This is a problem.

Yesterday I finally got the motivation to drag everything from the studio down to the dining room in an effort to expand my tired work wardrobe.

Welcome to baseboard hell

Welcome to baseboard hell

This is Simplicity 3678 view B and I love her.

It is so freaking comfortable.

The jersey is from and as soon as I can find some nice matte jersey I plan on making many more.  Any leads with that quest?

This will also accompany me to work:

PB+banana 4F4

PB+banana 4F4

This is the light wheat sandwich bread from Smitten Kitchen.  So good.  Chris made the sandwich.  Quite the team effort.

Isn’t Bowie getting big?

Stop growing!

Stop growing!

Here he is sitting pretty while I eat hoping for some peanut butter.  No dice!

I wracked my brain about what to do with my drama-rama Malabrigo. The ubiquitous February Lady Sweater is a good match being worsted and semi-solid but I immediately thought it would look horrible on me. I was so pleased with the square neckline modification from my Rusted Root that I was confident in giving it a go here. No dice. The neckline started mid-arm and my bra was completely exposed. As much as Chris may have liked this look I gave myself a break and decided to cast on for the sweater as written.

We’ll see how she turns out.

You can also see some lovely items from BFF Erin on the table. I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew in initiating three swaps at the same time right before Christmas, after our car was driven nose first into a ditch (I won’t point fingers but we’ll just say it wasn’t me), before having a workspace and while training a puppy – but I love sending a receiving things!

Speaking of puppy wrangling, here’s Bowie showing off some commands. {Sidebar: I apologize to any of you who are totally bored of the puppy talk. I promise to stop when he stops being so darned cute}

Bowie Learning Commands

Originally uploaded by whistlepea

My name is Bowie Bindle Jesus Jareth Cutestory.

I found this little guy outside of the post office yesterday.  He started following me to my car and I was worried about him getting hit in the busy parking lot so I took him home.

He seems to be a German Shepherd, perhaps with some Rottweiler mixed in, and around four to six months old.  After consulting with Chris’s mom who works for ARF, it seems he hasn’t been treated so well.  He’s very skinny and scarfs his food down like I’ve never seen and he has a few cuts.

The funny thing is Chris really wanted a dog for Christmas, preferably a Boston or Welsh Terrier.  I had demurred because pure bread dogs are very expensive and though I was a dog lover as a kid I’ve had some negative experiences in the recent past with some crazed Labs that have left me a little sour.

Bowies first walk

Bowie's first walk

Bowie seems to have squished his way into my cold little heart, however.  He’s sweet as pie.  He almost never barks or chews things and he hasn’t had one accident in the house yet.  Last night we put him in the laundry room to sleep and he whined for a bit then settled right down.  You know that expression “to follow one around like a lost puppy?”  Turns out it’s pretty apt.  He could be fast asleep and if we so much get up to get a tissue he’s trotting along behind us.

Unless some very resonsible owner with a damned good excuse as to why he was wandering around in a busy parking lot without a collar in November comes forward he is ours.

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