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Guess what!?!

We actually ate something from our sad little garden!  That lettuce is Black-Seeded Simpson heirloom variety that I lovingly reared.

And by lovingly reared I mean cruelly neglected.  We didn’t put much effort into the garden after all the false starts from weeks and weeks of late Spring frost.  We (and by we I mean Chris) weeded a rectangle in the front yard, stuck the seeds in and let them be.  We didn’t use fertilizer or top soil or food or anything that would have resulted in us having more than some sickly looking shoots sprouting now.

My fantasies of eating fresh, free vegetables all summer are dashed but this greek / fatoosh salad hybrid was still the highlight of my day.  That, and homemade falafel and homemade pita with amazing homemade garlic sauce.  Thug life!

  • I obviously can’t settle on a title for my Monday mash up posts.  Monday Miscellany / Miscellaneous Monday sounds a bit hoity-toity so we’ll give Monday Funday a try.
  • I made this Pineapple Upside Down Cake (without the mango – neither of us are fans) a few weeks ago and I’ve been craving it ever since.  Chris also won’t stop talking about it.
  • I just got another package from Melina in the mail. She’s my sugar mama.

    This is just some of the loot.  I really needed an injection of perky goods in my day.

    This is just some of the loot. I really needed an injection of perky goods in my day.

  • Ingrid (and seemingly every other woman of child bearing age) is pregnant!  I’m so excited for her!
  • I made English Muffins.  Seriously!  I had no idea they could be made at home.

    The recipe is from the last Martha Stewert Living.  They are very tasty.

    The recipe is from the last Martha Stewart Living. They are very tasty.

  • I continue to miss city grocery stores.  The best grocery store around here has muffin shakers but no parsley or brown sugar.  That one is an hour away.  I don’t even want to talk about the one closest to us.
  • We have not planted our vegetable garden yet because of continuing frost warnings and drizzly days.  This means my little sprouts are suffering.  They are really trying to stay alive though.  Just look at this sweet little cucumber blossom.

    The little sprout that could

    The little sprout that could

  • I have a rather embarrassing problem.  I’ve been making socks for going on three years now yet I have never figured out how to pick up the stitches on the left side of the gusset without leaving a trail of holes.
    My holiness

    My holiness

    Right side = smoothsville.  On both sides I pick up under both loops of the slipped stitch.  I know there are solutions out there but a quick Google and Knitty search turned up nothing.  Your input is much appreciated.

  • First off, thank so much to people who sent e-mails because they saw the floods here on the news.  It’s so, so kind of you.  We’re doing absolutely fine and I think the water is actually receding.
  • I even made it to a party Saturday for Julie’s birthday.  She’s moving away (tear) so I made her a housewarming / birthday gift.
  • Happy little bird

    Happy little bird

  • I spoke to my grandma this weekend and she managed to find a chair bootie pattern online so her new floors have been saved.  Thanks to all who pitched in.
  • The great excitement around here is the sprouting of our cucumber and zucchini seeds!
    Defying all that greyness out there.

    Defying all that greyness out there.

    We’re off to a composting info session so that we can turn these little cuties into monster cukes!

Happy St. Patrick’s!  I’m wearing my Trinity College t-shirt and I made some tasty soda bread.

Eat me Im Irish

Eat me I'm Irish

The recipe is from this month’s Martha Stewart Living and I’m not sure that it’s totally authentic but it is totally delicious.

My friend Melina has the type of grown up job which entails going on business trips to New York.  She went a few weeks ago and not only did she see Tina Fey (and not cut off a lock of her hair for me) she also brought me some goodies from Purl Soho.

Pretty Cheep Project Bag

Pretty Cheep Project Bag

Matrioshka Fabric by Kokka Japan

Matrioshka Fabric by Kokka Japan

I’m not sure what I’ll make with this.  It seems too precious to cut.

She also sent me some gardening info just in time for me to get my heirloom seeds!

Yay seeds!

Yay seeds!

I’ve never even kept a Chia Pet alive but I am determined not to pay seven dollars for a squash in the city this year!  Wish me luck!

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