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Despite the almost complete lack of sun we’ve endured this Spring, I decided Kate needed a sun hat. Most of the bonnets we spotted in stores we’re much too large so once again I turned to the Simplicity 4243 that Robyn provided and some cute shiny dot fabric that she also sent along.

It’s a little tricky to photograph on her since she can’t hold her head up yet (try as she might) but it’s not nearly as floppy as the pillow pushing it out makes it appear.

Kate does not appreaciate the Blossomesque popped brim look, and rightly so

I was a little worried that a white fabric would let the sunlight through but the top is lined so that adds a little extra protection.


I’m feeling a huge wardrobe overhaul kick right now that will hopefully result in some actual non-baby output. Hooray!  I started Amelia for myself in the exact yarn as the pattern which made me fall in love with it in the first place, but put it aside for a little, hopefully quick, gift knitting.  I’m also hoping to bust out some new blouses, shirts and dresses once I get my new Bernina sewing machine for my birthday next month (hint, hint!).  A bigger obstacle than my little Kenmore and my mediocre sewing skills is the difficulty of finding great apparel fabric in stores or online.  I’m especially frustrated by the total lack of non-poly jersey up for grabs. If anyone has any leads please do share.

In the meantime I’ve picked up a few things in store, including this chambray tunic which is surprisingly awesome for a store I’ve boycotted for the last decade (sucky employment experience related), this cardigan in Hawaiian red and woodpecker, a couple of jersey dresses from Joe that I live in on rare warm days, and I ordered this blouse which I can’t wait to be disappointed by in the flesh!  Well fitting bottoms obviously elude me.  It seems to me that once summer hits all you can find are baggy cargo capris aplenty.  Can I get an amen?


This would be a good theme for me to continue.  I often have tidbits that don’t deserve a full post.  So here goes:

  • Ina Garten’s Lemon Yogurt Cake is amazing.  I didn’t even make the icing and it was so good.
  • Chris and I have been doing a little thrifting in the city hoping to find a sewing or dining table.  We haven’t had any table luck but…

    Buttonholer: 29 cents, awesome book: $4

    Buttonholer: 29 cents, awesome book: $4

  • I need a good pizza crust recipe.  I want a golden, light, airy crust not the floury, dense dud I always end up with.
  • While we’re at it I would love recommendations for a chunky, spicy, vegetarian tomato sauce.
  • I made a vegan blueberry cake this morning.  And then I slathered it with cream cheese frosting.

    Recipe from The Green Door Cookbook

    Recipe from The Green Door Cookbook

  • I requested and received the new Toast catalogue and while the clothes aren’t really my style I do want a pair of churidars.  They look lame on their own but under a tunic or dress they look so comfy and stylish.  I don’t have $68 CDN plus shipping to justify spending on leggings, however.
  • Can I just take a minute a solicit praise for not having bought any yarn since early November?  The only yarn I’ve bought has been with gift certificates and that was like four skeins.  I also haven’t bought any fabric except a half yard of flannel with some scant Etsy profits.  Thank you, thank you.
  • Tonight I’m going to try to copy Mondragon’s Twister wrap for dinner.  Wish me luck.

The party was great fun.  I fell deeply in love with the toasted coconut cookies I mentioned last time.

The old plates with the inverted glass trick

The old plates with the inverted glass trick

They really remind me of these sable biscuits that Chris and I used to buy at the 100¥ shop in Japan.  We would make a little sandwich with a piece of Morinaga and die of happiness.

Saturday morning we headed off to Winnipeg where I finally got a hair cut.


This is my attempt to style it without any of the recommended product.  I picked out a style from this magazine, I think, about two seconds before I was called to the washing station.

First off – thanks to everyone for putting up with my whining the other day.  I had a bit of a bad week and I was feeling pretty down but I’m starting to perk up a bit.  I think I need to start a lame Oprah-style gratitude journal to whip my Debbie Downer self into shape.

Chris had a couple of days off sick and was a marvel of domestic production.  He cleaned, baked, cooked, hung some pictures and shelves and it helped to boost morale.  You can’t keep that boy down.

One evening I had this kind of crazy idea and Chris agreed to try it out.  Meaning he agreed to do everything while I offered a critical eye.  We had everything we needed on hand making the finished result doubly satisfying.

Swedish moody

Swedish moody

You see, I hate open concept.  I love cozy rooms with built-in book shelves and radiators and window seats and worn wood floors.  Pretty much the antithesis of this place.  Enter some metal shower hooks, roman blinds from Ikea and Christmas lights.

Sudden dining room

Sudden dining room

To my delight and surprise Dwell-reading, Eames-loving Chris is charmed by our light wall.

It’s kicky in the daylight too.

I miss Ikea

I miss Ikea

It’s starting to feel more like home.

I ran into a good friend from undergrad this weekend who lives in Toronto and I didn’t even know was in town. She’s a stylish girl and I was in love with her new hair cut. This is the fab Alana who would probably kill me for posting this if she knew I was doing so:

Her hair may be slightly different now. But so is mine! I’ve been growing it for a couple of years now but this afternoon it struck me that I was ready for a change.


*Slightly greasy from the no-shampoo adjustment.

And after:

I had in mind something slightly shorter but I was raised by wolves and have a really low hairline in the back so I would have had to get my neck shaved. It wouldn’t be a first but I wasn’t feeling it. I’m really super duper pleased though. Yay for new summer ‘dos!

Also, I made these absolutely sugar-of-any-kind free cookies last night and they’re really tasty if not super photogenic.

P.S. I wore my new gold shoes to work today and now I’m in need of a new set of feet. I think I swore in my head with every step walking home from the very far bus stop. yeeeeowwwwwwch!

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