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I have a bit of a sore neck today so I decided to forego any sewing until after my massage therapy this afternoon.  Instead, I went to Staples to get supplies for some long overdue organisational projects.

First, and less exciting are removable labels so I know what some of the bulk ingredients are up in the cupboard.

I don’t have a printer so I jazzed these up with sparkly gel pens.  Good times.

I’ve been throwing around the idea of getting a big cork board for my kitchen table studio so that I could tack up patterns and notes while I’m sewing.  But since it would have to go on my newly decorated living room walls I didn’t want anything too overwhelming.  I spotted these cork strips for $5.99 and thought they would do the trick.

Obviously I could not abide by the ugly black plastic so I thought a makeover was in order.

First, I used a DPN to pop the cork out of the frame.

Then, I got out my dollar store craft paints and mixed a few purples to make one that matched the ubiquitous floral fabric I used for my floor pillow.  I used a foam brush to paint over the black plastic.  It took three coats to hide all the black. I forgot to take a picture of this step but it looked a little something like this:

Next, I cut out some strips of fabric that were just a bit wider and longer than my cork strips

and used some  Amazing Goop to adhere it to the cork.

I let the glue dry and then the tricky part; popping the strips back in.

(By the way: when you google image search the word frustration almost all of the picture are of people kicking their computers.  Computers are frustrating.)

I used the handy sticky strips on the back to stick them to my wall at about eye level when I’m sitting.

And then I did some blow off a hooker’s stomach.*

*just kidding**

**It was angel dust.

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